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☆ and we have forever.

20 September
~Riko ^^*
Hellō and welcōme to my journal! :)

My real name is Laura, but here I am Riko. *don't dare to forget that*
I am a clumsy, friendly and weird person. My addiction is East Asia -
Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea. I adore everything from culture & food to
entertainment industry. That is the main reason for me learning chinese
& japanese @ my school. Also I love the Twilight Saga. But I am one of
the old fans, one of those who loved the first book.

In my journal you will find more or less only icons or some
other daily stuff. But most of the LJ time I use in communities in
icontests, so, yeah. xD

Co-modereator @ bigbangicon, twent_icontest aand kpop20in20

LJ layout by fucker_graphics.
Mood theme by xenylamine @ subliminalicon

damnicons,brittany_xss, iconxraven,
misarte, iconraven, cla22ire, oum_boojae,
tove_91 and lot of other people, because I used to
ignore crediting so I have lot of random textures in my PC,
but if you see your work on my icon, know that I am thankful
to you & freely remind me to credit you! ^^
For girl scans I owe to girls_paper
& asianelle ! ^^ <<

Profile codes & images by coloriages