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Rachel Caine ''Glass House'' [Morganville series] quotes

 Just some of my most fav. quotes of this totally awesome book. I strongly suggest you to read it! ^^

-Soldiers in flip-flops and low-rise jeans and French manicures.

-Monica or her nail-polish mafia

-Yeah. They're going to kill me. If Monica ended up with a bruise on that perfect face, there wasn't any question about it.

-from  Collegetown to Creepytown in one block flat

-Yeah. I used to have those kind of accidents, falling into fists and such.

-Bite me, chilli boy!

-I love the guy, but I don't love the guy.

-but she'd need to hit the books later. At least the books didn't hit back.

-Eve said they needed milk. Shane said milk was for pussies.

-Cheer up. Just means you don't have to put up with me telling you how much sex I didn't get.

-This was pitch-black, take-no-prisoners dark, and she had the ice-cold thought that anything could be right next to her, reaching out for her, and she'd never see it coming.

-Five hand smacks later

-Whoa, whoa, whoa, bad idea. Bad. No cookie.

-Jen very deliberately turned her back on the incriminating phone, folded her arms, and stood there blocking it from view. Not looking at Claire at all.  Wow. That's... what?

-Was he heading for her room? Not that she didn't have a crazy hot picture in hear head of sitting on the bed with him,  making out... and she had no idea why that popped into her head, except that, well, he was just... yeah.

-Nobody ask the age of the cow that gave you hamburger.

-Brandon's a punk. You could melt him with a Super Soaker full of tap water, so long as you told him it was blessed.

-Damn, Claire. Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something.

-lemon yellow haze

-Brandon can fang him twice

-Magic didn't exist. It was just... wrong. It offended her scientific training.

-Oh, by the way, I'm fine, thanks for asking. [note:none asked her] Got chased by some vampires. Business as usual.

-Scoot over, man. I don't like you that much. / That's not what you said last nigh.

-Yeah and how much does it suck that I'm an adult if I kill comebody and not if I want a beer?

-She's a fang banger!

-Run first, mourn later. It was the perfect motto for Morganville.

-Some days, you just couldn't win.

-We'e going to have a barbecue. Roast freak.

-Hanging around anywhere after dark in Morganville had to be like hanging an EAT ME sign on your back.

-Did I mention Michael's feet? They're all the way sexy and he's always barefoot - he hates shoes. I wish he hated pants and shirts, too.
Tae Yeon [SNSD]

Trip Diary/ Summer/Japan/2010/ ed4

[tonight's last one. but I will continue as soon as I can]

I woke up with those freakin' allergy spots on my hands. Wthell? Woaahh. T.T I hope they leave. Now or soon enough. I had this huge & big breakfast @ this fancy hotel restaurant, where they even pull your chair for you. OF course, despite knowing the manners, I managed to fail. But why would anyone eat melon with a fork? MURI DESHOU. Now we get ready to go to Takamatsu, by car. I really hope that I will successfully meet Kevin in the 3 o'clock time by the RIGHT exit. waah. The car ride was okay & bus ride too, but I slept most of the time. In the bus I had a natsukashiinaa moment while eating hotto kēki. I miss NYC a little. So we went in Osaka to the exit. Nanba eki is really big. Kevin was not there, though. Okaasan went to search around and came back with him. YATTA. XD So we went for a walk., it started to rain & we got a bit lost. (because of me :D) [..] Actually when we realised that we were lost, then the rain started. :D He had jeans & sneakers, so pretty unfortunate. However me and my flip flops were just fine. XD [..] Yeah ^^ He bought me Akanishi Jin strap in a store full of Jpop & Kpop boy pictures. LOLZ. XD And a little bit before leaving he gave me his scarf. [..] He went home @ 18:00 & I had an hour till meeting my host-mother again. So I found toilet; failed with public phone, walked a lot & bought socks. Then I met okaasan & we went to Takatsuki. I ate some okonomiyaki & bought more socks. XD we went home by TAXI, watched some tv. I talked to phone with her cousin, who has the Ireland girl Deborah, also to Yuri-chan. ^^ Later I slept in her room (Takatsuki is my host-family's previous home) & was a little bombed about this recent boy thing. 

Today me & okaasan went for a breakfast to Osaka, because her Takatsuki house is empty. XD I ate melonpan XP Then we went to Kobe. I bought shoes; saw lots of foreign houses; went to a teddy bear museum etc. Also, we went to the port, where I read about big earthquake in the 90's. T.T Then Kobe tower (I hate stairs:D) & china town + gyoza. On our way to the station we went to purigura = photo boot & goofed off a little. Now we are in a bus to Takamatsu. So many people. waah. In the evening I got an email from Kevin. After that I went for a walk to the Sunport. I smoked and listened to lots of music & thought of things. [..] I was walking in my new shoes, so I was really late (could not walk fast :D) - okaasan and otousan already went to look for me. In supper - soomen. Yummy. XP Then drama ''My girl'' (jp) & shower & sleep.
Bye. XD

Today is school & that is where I am right now. I just heard my name in a sentence, it meant - Today Laura came. OK. THAT SOUNDS SO W.R.O.N.G. XD hentai watashi. :D In a train I was in different part than the people from Kita (my high school), but to school I walked with Azuki & her friend Chiaki. It was kinda fun. Except for walking up the hill, again 7 in the rain. All my feet are wet. Boo-whoo. >.< School is still noisy. When I showed Kristaps pic. all girls went mental like - WOAHAHASHAGDUA. :D So loud. :D:D:D Class doesn't start like in 20min. I am sitting alone in corner (by my desk actually) What to do? Yeah I drew some flowers & girls were like - Eeh?You are good at drawing. But that is so-o  not true. XD I had ITT class. More or less okay, but also no hotmail in my school. :( In english we hang wishes in bamboo tree. So this is my 3rd time. Lolz. XD (TANABATA) everyone gets their tests.. working so hard even if they don't understand the subject. Sugoi! Everyone thinks that they did bad, even is they actually did very good with a high score (in my opinion 80/100 is good). In free time everyone is loud & such, but they definitely. give their best in studies. Always. That is really great. *moment thought*Their school is so tough - 50min a lesson, holidays only short ones once a season. We have such good life in Latvia. :D Just now I ate lunch @ the music room on the 4th floor with Azuki-chan & other girls. The music teacher is funny, he said in english - I was a police man. XD I played a little piano (Ling.XD). Now we went back to class, one the hallway - lots of boys. Some of them looked at me. Embarrassing. There was also a girl named Kanna. I keep meeting people with such words, previous one was Panna. (oh, latvian :D) Now it is economics, but as same as in other lessons - they are doing something about the exam~ On lesson I slept all the time & in free time I watched baseball team's random line ordering(?) in the school yard & chatted with girls. Also Kendo teacher come to me with this boy Called Toyota (XD). Cute XDP 
Math went fast, because I could actually understand something. XD Now it is Japanese = my sleepy time. :P Grrr. I am not sleepy anymore, but the kokugo goes for soo long & I don't understand anythings. >.< need to survive. This is the last hout & we already did cleaning. But I have to go to kendo. I wonder how is that going to be. XP So yeah, Kendo, 10x harder than it looks like & so awfully loud + the outfit is like a sauna. I think that I am gonna pass. I do not want to faint. XD Everyone was nice though. I met Ayaka-san. 1st my age girl that I have talked to in this school. 3rd year. After leaving Kendo early, I went to the station alone and almost got lost. At home, I ate some food & went to check emails. [..] Then Tsuki no Koibito last episode (Really need to see all drama) & then beddo. :P

Tae Yeon [SNSD]

Trip Diary/ Summer/Japan/2010/ ed3

Today is the 1st day of July. Me & Okaasan went to Meigi-jima (that's an island) by boat. One the boat we met a girl from Croatia. we went to a cave, where, as a legend tells, used to live a monster. The cave was wet & scary. KOWAI. After that we took a stroll by the sea & I swam a little for 1st time. The water was a bit cold, but it still was refreshing. We ate some lunch on the beach & I was scared by some fast-moving sea roaches. (I just despise fast-moving roaches) Then we went back to port. I ate ice-cream; okaasan drank beer & I skimmed trough some Shounen Jump. I saw a lighthouse of funky sculptures of the cave monster & took the boat back home. I got a mail from Daria, she has been well, doing lots of things. Then.. me and okaasan went to eat some crepes & took some walking afterwards. I really love the seaside here. Tonight it's just the 2 of us, because otousan is in Matsuyama for work. We will go there tomorrow. [..]Saturday is on. 3 o'clock. Nanba station. [..] Omgoosh, my okaasan is so-o like my real mom, that just simply reads me so well. Embarrassing. XD But today is so stressful. With all the thinking about transportation & such. (dilemma how to get to Osaka & what would it cost me) Woaahh. Wanna smoke & sleep, but okaasan is still doing something, so I have to wait. 

Today I got up early & went to Matsuyama. In the bus I slept a lot, but it was so cold. (no, not the weather - the conditioner) In Matsuyama we went to see the castle. Soo much walking.. but I tried on some 10kg jp armor. How in hell they move with that on? XD Later we drank some mandarin juice, here they are soo famous. To castle and back we went with these rail chairs. ちょっとこわい。XD Then we walked through shopping street & I was glued to one store which had so many TOTORO stuff. I only bought a toy to put on a finger, because it was cheap. After that we went to onsen - traditional, very old jp community bath. Everyone looked at me. 2 people talked to me & okaasan - obaachan and ojiisan. I wore some yukata & it was very comfortable. (beware! the pre-bath version only!)Then we went to hotel, registered & went to park. Walked again, staircase again. I prayed @ shrine ; pet some dogies; acted as a dummy in the kids playground. (you know, just the usual. XD) but their slides are so awesome - wide and long. Then we only walked. Dipped legs in outside small onsen; watched to clock; tried to find way to the hotel and thus ran into an adult man street. Oh & yeah, all day I've been hitting some parts of my body somewhere. (tizleņa sindroms, much?:D) Today in second hand shop I  bought a cute jacket for only 420yen. So cheap! Oh yeah, and in lunch I had yakiniku. So good. ^^ Now we are waiting @ the hotel for otousan & to go eat sushi. Sushi was good, but so-o much food. I got beer & sake, too. All the time, my host family enjoyed how I failed with the food etc. XD Then we went back to hotel; took an ofuro in onsen. Rose bath, yeah! This hotel sure has a service. Then with yukata's we went to watch the big clock again and then back to hotel. Some drink & tv in our room. An now - OYASUMINASAI. ^_^

Tae Yeon [SNSD]

Trip Diary/ Summer/Japan/2010/ ed2

Breakfast here suits me just fine - egg+bread+salad+black tea. Now I have to get ready to school. Right now I am in school. Math was easy, in english most of the time I spent in the front. Embarrassed. Now is is Japanese, so no way for me to learn. My school is very cool. Everyone is so nice and excited. It is funny and cute how they try to speak in English. Just no 2 other class boys tried to talk to me, all embarrassed. People are really kind and funny, but so-o loud. everyone is looking at me, so I feel a bit uneasy. in my class there is a cutie-pie called Okada. He remind me of Johnny Boys. Some of my classmates like SNSD & such. Around me are - Yui, Azuki, Kaori, Momoka, Yukino. [names are hard to remember] Okay.. the Japanese class is so-o difficult. Yukino pushed her table next to mine so I could see the book. Wuahhh. ^_^ Japanese lessons are 50 minutes + 10 minutes free time. Today's japanese classe's phrase - この かもくのべんきょうは やっぱり むりです。T.T 
[..] I learned mecha = very = totemo. More people from other classes are coming to see me. Some boys are just walking by & staring. Now it is economics lesson. The teacher talked to me & I could reply. Sugoi! Everyone is doing their best to study for exams.. When I am bored that do I think off? [..] Btw, everyone in school & family says ''kawaii'' to me. So flattering. Makes me shy. ^_^ Today is very hot outside. I am waiting for my train, that comes after 25 minutes. In the train Okada-kun said that I have pretty eyes. ^_^ The-going-home was so hot. Azuki-san walked me to my home. After that me, my host family, Yuri and Yuri's tomodachi went to eat udon in a very cool and traditional place. (picture under) But once again the portion was so big that I couldn't eat it all. In the car I slept, because I got tired of al the Japanese talking and thinking. (yes, you get tired from that too.:D) [..] I got a mail from Daria, her school day went more or less the same as mine. Right now outside is thunder and rain; otousan is playing guitar; Yuri & Okaasan are watching movies. WITH TOTORO. ^_^ one fat thingy. I'm off there, too. あとで、shower & sleep.
P.s. Totoro is soo めちゃかわいい。

Just woke up. My phone is a crap, I can't send messages. At all. Kristaps probably is going crazy now. Okay, off to gohan. I went to check my email and there was a reply form Kevin & Cleo. Cleo's school day was so different - everyone was shy. Kevin is in the same class with Dominika. [..] My mom wrote me, have to check yukata prices for Christina. Now we are going to Ritsurin garden. Me, Yuri & Okaasan. So we went there by train. It is a really pretty garden. (pic below, again.) The feeling there is good. I touched & fed colorful koi & turtles. One small turtle swam to me really fast, but a bigger one mixed the bread with my finger & bit me. Ouch. That kinda hurt. But still it's funny. Turtles biting me till blood. XD We also drank matcha in a japanese style house. Whole garden was very big & there were mountains, too. Afterwards we took a taxi to the Takamatsu museum, then ate some udon. (may I say - again) Then shopping & such. In the end I bought 3 pieces. Pajama, legging and a top. Taxis here are so different (like, btw) - door closes & opens by itself & driver is wearing white gloves. we ate dinner. My host-mother gave me beer, again. xD I helped with the dishes. Now soon batch, soccer (yup, the world cup was on) * sleep. Bye.

This is the last day of June. [..] Today we went to Kitahama alley with Yuri & Okaasan. I got a bag & super mario present for Kristaps. Then we ate meat & desserts in western style. Later we sent off Yuri. After that I bought lighter & cigarettes & went off for a walk to smoke. By the sea - that is a good feeling. Rest of the day was by the pc chatting with Kevin. [..] @ 21:30 I'm supposed to chat more with him. So, yeah. Just now I ate supper, so have to wait. XD I got to chat with Kevin. His mom is so strict, we won't be able to meet, at least not this weekend. [..] Now off to bed. Maybe smoke. ^_^~

Tae Yeon [SNSD]

Trip Diary/ Summer/Japan/2010/ ed1

(Yeah, I am doing this after all. In english, yes. Mistakes - a lot, since this is original. Probably not all at a time, so let's call this edition 1)
*sign means that there is some trip-unrelated personal info I do not with to share. :D

Today I woke up in other room again. I slept for 5 hours. Rushed to my room, did all the stuff I needed, ate & went to the lodging D. Everyone gathered & the ones who had to fly with a plane waved goodbyes to rest of people. I am gonna miss NYC! (National Olympic Youth Center, we stayed there the 1st week, everyone together)Really! So, we went to the airport with trains. [..]*
At the airport we waved goodbyes before security but since I had an hour before my flight, I caught the Osaka-flyers. [..] So next, my flight. Slept all 1 hour, met my family and teacher. Me & my host-family spent the whole day browsing mall & shopping streets for something like a street uniform & in the end we did, despite the awful raining weather.. good thing that they own a car. I also got an umbrella & obento box. So cute. The family treated me to udon & also we went to this totally adorable cake shop. Yumm. I really like them, they are fun, nice and kind people. Think I can enjoy it in the first day?Nope. Just now I wrote emails to Kevin, Daria and Cleo, because I miss everyone. [..] I also wrote my mom & Kristaps, but I feel so weird - I miss NYC & all the european freaks more than all that I left home. Maybe because they were all my life these past 6 days without any hours of exceptions? Maybe. Dunno. Okey, I suppose need to wait for Okaasan to come home from shopping. Then dinner, then sleep. 
^_^ Bye!

I woke up just now. I slept very well, futon is comfy, but hot. Dreamed about nothing. Got an sms from Kristaps. [..] My cough is still there. Ok.. off for breakfast. Had a nice breakfast, talked a lot with okaasan. She said that she would give me beer. XD Actually they are from Osaka. Also I washed dishes & put my laundry (like a good child :D). Got to know mu schedule a bit. I hope I meet Kevin and Daria in Osaka. Me and my host-mother went to walk around. I saw Sunport & lighthouse. We bought cute dishes & wrist watch. Very hot outside. we drank cold coffee with ice-cream in it. (Yum^^) I keep waiting for email replies. Cleo replied, but Daria & Kevin still haven't. I hope they do, so I can meet them in Osaka. Today I met Yuri (my host-sister) and her friend. We all went to eat lots of tasty things, like meat & pasta & lobster. It was so fun.. they asked about latvian & we talked a lot. I taught them few words - Labrīt; Kā tev iet?; Paldies. Later we went home & I showed pictures, everyone said that hey were nice. Afterwards I got an email from Daria. She asked about Kevin & told that her family is also very nice, the same as mine. I told her about Osaka trip, I hope I meet her too. I really like it in Takamatsu. My family is so kind & understanding.:) Have to get to bath & then sleep, tomorrow need to get up @ 6 o'clock & go to school. 
~mata あした